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I love this spot! Lots of walls and a range of abilities. You do have to get tested to balay instead of doing auto balay. They even have a mechanical climbing wall (like a treadmill), and balance beam type things made of rope.

Kelly Ann, September 14, 2019

The place and the staff was great

Rohit, June 3, 2019

I brought another adult and 2 kids and it was amazing!

Jesse, January 13, 2019

We had an awesome time!

Samantha, January 12, 2019

Awesome place. So much fun, and friendly staff!

Katherine, January 7, 2019

Went to Rock Spot Climbing in Providence and tried climbing for the first time. It was a friendly environment with lots of fun mental and physical challenges.

Kanoelani, January 5, 2019

rock spot is so cool! i love it so much. everyone was really nice and professional and the clientele was very nice and mellow. such a great spot. would love to go again. just wish it wasnt so out of the way from like, central boston

Katherine, December 16, 2018

Such a great time! Thank you for the memories:)!

Ivy, November 13, 2018

Very friendly staff and great facility!

Chris, September 30, 2018


Loren, September 30, 2018

So sore from going on Saturday!

Sujin, September 24, 2018

Absolutely fantastic. The staff is inviting and the place was very well kept. My first time indoor climbing and certainly not the last one.

Ankush, September 16, 2018

I had a great time, thanks.

Áron, September 10, 2018

Rock Spot was really fun! It's a great time even for beginners :)

Winnie, June 30, 2018

What a great idea! I’ve been meaning to try rock climbing and until I received this gift I didn’t realize there was a place literally around the corner from me! I’ll defintly be going back and will continue to go to improv as well. Win all around!

Melissa, June 24, 2018

Tim one of the owners was fabulous! Guided us through every step, great personality. Facilities were clean, staff on had were helpful. Recommend!

LCG Brands, May 25, 2018

Really nice staff and good climbing experience

Jenny, May 19, 2018

Great customer service, easy to get started, lots of bouldering options

Stephanie, May 5, 2018

Loved it!

Jessica, April 29, 2018

I really enjoyed my experience here! The staff was very helpful and friendly, the facility was awesome and the climbing was super fun! I would definitely recommend this to a friend.

Jennifer, April 15, 2018

Love Rock Spot. Would like to get a class package when my schedule calms down a bit.

Hailee, April 12, 2018

Great spot for beginners! Very user friendly

Jillian, March 29, 2018

Rockspot is a really fun gym that has an awesome climbing community. I would definitely recommend it to a friend (it's not letting me select "5" below).

Katherine, March 26, 2018

Loved it. Great service and environment

Artem, March 22, 2018

Fantastic afternoon spent at Rock Spot! Im glad Nift gave me this opportunity to discover a hidden passion that I never realized I had. Will definitely be coming back in the future as I had such a great experience!

Lucy, March 12, 2018

Had a great time. Great bouldering and helpful staff!

Olivia, March 11, 2018

It was fun! They were super helpful and taught me everything I needed to know

Jhennipher, March 8, 2018

The staff was so incredibly helpful and friendly! Ive never met people who were so happy while working!

Misbah, March 2, 2018

Staff was helpful and friendly. The place was big enough and not too crowded

Amy, February 26, 2018

It was great!!

Alexis, February 25, 2018

Really fun!

Rachel, February 22, 2018

It was a lot of fun! I will recommend it to my friends

Pihu, February 19, 2018

Rock Spot is really great for bouldering! Nice space, nice equipment and really nice atmosphere! Thanks for the nift gift! I brought 5 friends with me and we had a great time.

Sophia, February 18, 2018

It was great

Kristen, February 17, 2018

I have always wanted to try this and will definitely return.

Patti, February 5, 2018

great - I would not have tried out climbing otherwise and I had a ton of fun

Georgia, January 18, 2018

Great space, fun routes!

Corinne, January 15, 2018


Michael, January 8, 2018

Great opportunity for a fun climb, plus they are always changing up the holds so you get a new route every time

Dan, January 8, 2018


Eliza, January 8, 2018

Friendly staff, easy to get started.

Melissa, January 7, 2018

Had a great time

Meghan, December 17, 2017

friendly staff, great bouldering problems, excellent for newbies, totally judgement free

Payel, December 3, 2017

I had a great time at Rock Spot. They staff were very friendly and knowledgable.

Emily, November 6, 2017

Everyone was really helpful and its was a fun activity to do with friends. Will be back!

Katherine, November 5, 2017

Wonderful place, very clean.

Laura, October 14, 2017

This was a wonderful opportunity! So fun and the staff were incredibly helpful.

Jacqueline, October 3, 2017

The experience was great! I enjoyed climbing with friends. Such a neat concept and a great establishment to have close by.

Ujunwa, September 23, 2017

Really fun and staff is super friendly.

Amy, September 22, 2017

I love climbing here! It's huge.

Megan, September 11, 2017

Great spot! Really enjoyable would recommend to check it out. great for families and friends.

Gosia, September 5, 2017

Very friendly staff!

Thanh, August 22, 2017

Great bouldering gym! Fun to try a new spot.

Jessica, August 21, 2017

it was great. a bit expensive, i did see the discounts they offered but $25 seemed steep. maybe a one hour price instead of all day

Maureen, July 9, 2017

Great for all levels of climbing

Michael, June 14, 2017

Great service!

Amy, June 5, 2017

Great staff support. Very fun place! FYI - attended the Dedham/Boston location.

Richard, May 22, 2017

I went to the Rock Spot Climbing gym in Dedham/Hyde Park and it was awesome! Jackson was super friendly and helpful and made what could have been an intimidating first climb, super fun!

Idonia, May 13, 2017

I'm a big fan of rock climbing and rock spot is a great place with great service and good walls! Easy to use the gift certificate.

Pedro, March 24, 2017

Great rock climbing gym, had a ton of auto-belays and great spots to boulder.

Jay, February 12, 2017

Orientation was quick and thorough, enabling us to get onto the walls and start climbing. It was the first time I've used an auto belay; it's a great option to have! Great climbing options! Thanks!

Jessica, March 22, 2016
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