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Holistically Healing Your Mind, Body & Soul! 7 On Centre is a holistic wellness center located in Boston’s historic Brookline Village neighborhood offering a variety of therapies including Reiki, Coaching, Spiritual Guidance, and Nutritional Assessment & Counseling. We are grateful to be part of this eclectic city inhabited and visited by many talented artists, musicians, students, entrepreneurs, actors, scientists, and doctors from all parts of the globe. But mostly, we are grateful for their open minds and hearts and their appreciation of holistic therapies for exactly what they are — a compliment (and at times, an alternative) to traditional medicine. We look forward to working with you and unfolding the wonderful ability you have within to create a life you love, to live it powerfully, and in good health!

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Beth was great! It was my first Reiki experience and I was very comfortable. Beth seemed very knowledgeable and told me what to expect, and helped educate me as I'm just beginning to learn about spirituality. I left feeling refreshed.

Mary, May 1, 2018

Beth was amazing! It felt so great to have this Reiki experience with her!

Fatimah, April 23, 2018

Beth was very welcoming and made me feel at ease right away.

Allison, June 7, 2017

Very relaxing treatment.

Holly, June 1, 2017

A wonderful experience that I am incredibly grateful to have had and will again in the future!!!

Kristina, March 24, 2017
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