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Over 2 Thousand Businesses and 1M Customers

Restaurants, Gyms, Spas, Specialty Boutiques, Online Stores and More
Nift is an invitation only network of neighborhood businesses. Business owners give Nift gifts to thank their best customers, support other local busine sses, and bring the right new customers through the door. Here's how it works. You give your best customers Nift gift cards. They'll use them to try other local businesses. Other businesses give Nift gift cards, too. Bringing their best customers in to try your business.

77% of Nift customers spend more than their gift amount.

Over 50% Spend Double
You determine your gift value and how many customers you'd like to see each month. Our calculators and account managers can help you figure out what kind of gift to offer and what you can expect in first visit revenue. Once your gift is active, use your merchant dashboard to track gift performance, make tweaks, and increase your annual revenue.

88% of customers that discover a business through Nift say they'll come back.

Within a Month, 37% Have Already Returned
Nift offers your gift to customers that are a good match for your business. For example, those who live or work in your neighborhood and have already in dicated that they're interested in discovering a business like yours. By matching your gift to the right customers and monitoring transaction details, we increase the likelihood that a person who discovers your business through Nift will return.

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"So fantastic! Never would have known Juliet existed without Nift. Definitely going back. Already texted 4 friends about it."

Reviews, Likes, Tweets and Posts
We ask for feedback every time someone uses a Nift gift. You can review all feedback in your Nift account to make sure your business is always making a good first impression. We publish the best reviews on your public profile page. We also check back in with new customers 30 days later to see if they'd recommend your business.

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Pay only when great customers walk in.

Become a Nift Member Business
We'll help you create a gift to add to the Network and start sending matching customers your way as soon as you sign up. Simply cover your cost of goods and services, and determine how many customers you'd like to welcome each month.

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