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Chances are, if you're a small business owner in Jamaica Plain, you've referred customers to other small business owners in the area. Let's face it: Small shops simply don't carry every item a customer wants. While this is a loose “partnership,” another way that our business is supporting other local businesses is through Nift. The purpose is simple: Help neighborhood businesses get customers through the door. I now hand out Nift cards as a way to thank my best customers for shopping at my store. But I'm doing more than just thanking them, I'm encouraging them to visit other local businesses that are part of the Nift network. They get a free gift to experience another Jamaica Plain business, and they'll likely tell their friends. The result? More sales from local customers, and more money staying in our neighborhood.


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Southie has a wealth of small business owners who not only work here, but also live here. We all know that our small businesses are responsible for two-thirds of all new jobs. And study after study has shown that when you shop locally, nearly one-half of your spending stays here. Small businesses are the lifeblood of Southie and, as small business owners, we all want to get new customers in the door.


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This Father's Day, treat Dad to something that he really wants. Say goodbye to golf clubs and say hello to these 14 unique gifts that all happen to be local to Boston.


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Ever walk down a street you've walked multiple times and suddenly see a shop for the first time, wander in, discovering the local business is perfect for you - only to find out it's been there for years? Brookline resident Elery Pfeffer thinks he has a solution to making those local joints stand out a bit more - with his company "Nift."


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Pfeffer moved to Brookline four years ago, and when the marketing company he worked for was sold to a bigger company, he took some time off and discovered there are a number of smaller businesses around town that should get more recognition.
"As I was getting to know the area, I kept discovering these fantastic local businesses," he said. "There have been some that I've passed by for years that I've never stepped in that are perfect for me and my kids."

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Nift, a Cambridge startup that helps small businesses send customers to each other, has raised $3 million in seed funding. With many small businesses struggling to stay afloat against e-commerce and big-box stores, Nift has created a network for small businesses to send each other new customers.

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Nift, the first invitation-only network that helps neighborhood businesses bring the right new customers through the door, today announced that it has raised a $3 million round of venture capital funding. The seed round, led by Spark Capital and Accomplice, will enable Nift to expand its network of local businesses and continue enhancing the technology that powers it.


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You could get chocolates from the pharmacy in a last minute effort. You could get strawberries shipped to your house. There's always a cheesy card that you can hope will make their heart flutter. Sound familiar? This year, get your loved one something more personal, all while supporting your local neighborhood businesses. It's not so hard with our handy gift guide.

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When you shop small, you're not helping some CEO make a payment on a second boat. You're putting dinner on the table for a local family or helping to support their children through college. You're paying for piano and karate lessons. You're creating jobs for other people in the community, too.

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This weekend brings Small Business Saturday, when local shops bid for holiday dollars not already spent at mall- and chain-heavy Black Friday sales, and two Cambridge startups are supporting the effort. (A marketing effort called Plaid Friday also attempts to subvert Black Friday and send shopping dollars to small stores.)

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When was the last time you thanked your customers? We don't mean a casual thank you as you hand customers their merchandise or receipt. We're talking a genuine, unique, relevant and sincere "thank you" that tells your customers that you value and appreciate them for who they are as people. Being thankful and expressing your gratitude to your customers goes a long way toward improving relationships and your bottom line. It's good for your customers and you.