What is Nift?

Nift is the first invitation-only network that helps neighborhood businesses get the right local customers to walk through the door. It's the only network that guarantees businesses are discovered every time they thank their best customers with Nift gifts.

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What about the metrics?

We measure everything we do. That's how we know that 88% of Nift customers intend to be repeat customers. With an online dashboard and weekly email updates, you can keep an eye on your business metrics, too.

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Two gift options with every card.

When gift cards are activated, we use customer preferences and our patent-pending algorithms to give everyone two gift options they're sure to love.

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Give customers.
Get customers.

When you give Nift gift cards, you'll introduce your customers to other local businesses. In return, we'll make sure other businesses give Nift gift cards, too — introducing their best customers to you.

Restaurants, Specialty Stores, and Boutiques NIFT WORKS FOR BRICK AND MORTAR SHOPS

Join Nift to Drive Repeat Business
We excel at bringing the right customers through the door for restaurants, boutiques, pet stores, toy stores and just about any other place that offers a physical gift. In a recent example, 85% of Nift customers who tried a local wine shop either returned within a month or intend to do so. The owner says, "We see that their customers return repeatedly, spending $50 to $100 with each visit, resulting in significant overall revenue growth."


Join Nift to Increase Annual Revenue
Massage therapists, yoga studios, gyms, salons, life coaches, florists, household cleaning services—all of these types of businesses have great success with Nift. In a recent survey we saw that a typical customer at a fitness business spends $20 per quarter, while a Nift customer at this same business spends $180.


Join Nift to Attract Local Customers
Do you operate an online business from a home or office? Can you segment your customers by location? If you can, Nift can work for you, too. As an example, for an online business using Nift, 81% of customers spend more than the gift value.